Monday, February 8, 2016

Mega, a candidate for successor of Copy

I am considering some cloud storage services introduced, because Copy will be terminated in this May.

My past entry: Copy is closing

Nowadays, there are many similar services. I found some Japanese websites comparing them in detail. The website shown below was the most precisely explaining the contents of each service. I examined some of them according to the description of them.

Free.: Free Online Storage 2016 [in Japanese]

First, I tried Tera Cloud. It is a cloud storage service provided by a Japanese company. Japan has strict regulations of business. Thus, it seemed reliable as a service provider. Unfortunately, it offered only 10 GB for a user with a free account. Although referring someone brings you the additional volume of storage, getting 25 GB, as required level for my business, is difficult. In addition, file sharing service is available to only paid users. It is noteworthy that it offers 1 TB storage for 10,000 JPY (84 USD) per year. It is very inexpensive. I recommend you to choose it if you need 1 TB storage.

My reference code is "52FUM." If you enter this code, you can get 5 GB bonus (and some additional volume for me).

Second, I referred ADrive. It has been offered since 2007 by an American company. I knew it when I chose Copy a couple of years ago. It provided 50 GB could storage. But, service option for free was terminated last year. Mobile use seems still free with the advertisement.

And now, I am trying Mega. It had been called as MegaUpload, but I heard that it was terminated because of some conflicts regarding copyright issues. Now, reborn as Mega, it offers 50 GB cloud storage for free. Its file syncing application looked smart. Before being uploaded, files are encrypted. It is advantageous for ensuring security, but causes delayed speed of uploading. Now, I am struggling in introducing this service. If successful, I will report it afterwards.


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