Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hateful Eight: Gloomy and unrespectful

Today, I saw "Hateful Eight," the eighth film by Quentin Tarantino.

The story begins some years after Civil War in the US. Marquis Warren, a black bounty hunter, is accidentally accompanied by John Ruth, another bounty hunter who is taking Daisy Domergue, who was expected to be executed, to Red Rock. By chance, Chris Mannix, saying that he is going to the sheriff of Red Rock, is also together. They are stuck due to a blizzard in a stagecoach lodge. There are some other guests there.

At this moment, some persons make their own position respectively. Ruth is seriously worrying about someone intending to kill him to rescue Domergue. Warren is cursed as "Nigger" by several people. One of the guests is general Smithers, having opposed to Warren in Civil War. Another is an executor in Red Rock. These hateful eight people are forced to be together in a locked lodge. And the case happens.

It is obvious that some people disguise themselves because too many people who are mutually concerned are at the same place. Notably, Warren feels suspicious that something happened in the lodge "Minnie's Haberdashery" at the early stage. There is no complicated plot about the truth. In the later stage, the backbone of some liars is revealed.

In this film, Warren is repeatedly discriminated. I felt unhappy about these descriptions. I imagine there was a great conflict between white and black people in the US. As revenge for this treatment he had taken, he abused a particular person relevant to his attendee in the past. This scene is also awful.

Since a person poisoned a beverage, the story turned into a tragedy. But, I think that the individual took poison into a beverage is a fool. In the film, a certain person looked at the scene of poisoning by chance. But, if not, the intention of the poisoner might be ruined.

After the solution of poison case, surprisingly, another person appears. It is violating an unwritten law of thriller. Tarantino looks indifferent to this kind of institution. But I guess audience who had expected this film as a thriller would have been disappointed.

Totally, this film is decorated with Tarantino's sense. But I do not like it.

Personal Rating: 2 (poor)

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