Thursday, February 11, 2016

Confusing stock market

The stock market is showing a chaotic situation. Nikkei Heikin fell into 15,000 JPY level, 25% decrease from the end of last year. And Yen rose up to 110 JPY/ USD.

These movement confused investors not only in Japan but also global. But, it is said that investors’ mind caused this situation. There are many anxieties regarding business management around the world. Oil price is continuously falling. The Middle East is in conflict, and refugees brought crisis into Europe. It is uncertain whether the next President of the US can fix the situation. And finally, China is no more an expected field of prosperity.

Investors seem to avoid risks. As a result, much JPY were bought. However, too strong Yen got rid competitiveness of Japanese companies. It led to of fallen Japanese stockpiles.

International Business Times: Asian markets: Japan's Nikkei down more than 5% following weak close on Wall Street

At present, no remedy has been found to restore the confusion. Some foreign investors seem that Japan money is safe. But, Japan national bond shows minus interest now. I am doubtful that someone is interested in buying it.

In such unstable situations, gold would be a good option to invest. Bitcoin is similar to gold, whereas its scale is far small. However, they look also inactive.

I think the stock price itself is not a matter. Rather, how to struggle for a better life is crucial. Modern society is covered with full of money and gadgets. But, what satisfy us is still unclear. We have to find matters deserve to payment in the future.


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