Sunday, January 17, 2016

The UK referendum for Brexit

At the beginning of 2016, the issue of Brexit was paid attention again.

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK, has promised to carry the referendum out about the withdrawal of the UK from EU until 2017. It will be implemented.

Actually, not many British people want the UK to leave from EU. They benefit from the policy of EU as free movement of people, money, material, and services. At the same time, however, some of them are annoyed by increasing expenditure for social security and welfare of immigrants.

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Cameron is willing to consult with the counterpart in EU for limiting the privilege of immigrants. He hopes to take an initiative in the negotiation.

The Guardian: EU referendum expected in September as hopes fade of deal next month

The result of the referendum will greatly influence to the ruling Tory, and the figure of the UK itself. The ruling Conservative Party seems to want to go through the referendum without chaos. Then, the schedule is decisive. In 2017, Germany and France will also face to the general election. Delaying the referendum to the next year is risky not only for Tory but also other countries. It is realistic that the referendum will be performed in this September.

The market will respond quickly. In the last year, just after Scottish people decided not to be independent of the UK, the price of Pound increased by 5%. For foreign investors, Brexit is no more welcomed.

In my opinion, the UK should not leave from EU at present. The advantage of the UK is the presence in finance and other intangible regions such as education and leadership. To utilize these strength, the status in EU is essential. If the UK abandon EU, it will be difficult to maintain the respect from European countries.

After all, it is most rational for the UK to keep in touch with EU suggesting the Brexit, as well as Greece, ironically.

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