Friday, January 8, 2016

Hawaii for the first time

I stayed in Hawaii at the new year's eve. It was a wonderful experience.

Many hotels equip a shopping mall in front of them.

Hawaii is very popular for Japanese as a destination of a journey. I understood that there were some reasons.

First, we can contact with Japanese culture easily. Many Hawaiians can speak Japanese, and there are lots of Japanese signboards in Hawaii. We need not worry about communication. In supermarkets, we can get Japanese rice balls.

Second, Hawaii is relatively safe. In addition, Hawaiians are very kind. I was taught the way sometimes in Hawaii by local people.

Third, the ocean and the sun are charming. The sea was actually bright. Okinawa was also beautiful, but Hawaiian water is blue rather than emerald-green.

Fourth, Hawaiian climate is very comfortable. In summer, we have to endure annoying moisture in Japan. Instead, it is relatively dry in Hawaii. Albeit it is very hot, I never felt unease.

I visited Polynesian culture center. It looked like a big theme park. I learned many things about Native folks around the Pacific Ocean.

I climbed up to a hill near to Waikiki. I could see a pretty lighthouse over there.

Hawaii and Japan shared a sad history that Japanese air force bombed the Pearl harbor at the beginning of the WWII. It is suggestive that Hawaii is one of the most favorite places for Japanese people now. It is important to maintain the mutual relationship forever.

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