Monday, January 25, 2016

Sex dolls can save pedophilia?

Perhaps, you have not seen any sex dolls, either I haven’t.

Recent dolls are very elaborately created. It looks like a human girl at a glance from distant. You can use it for a certain purpose, as well as simply watching it.

The Times of India: Japanese child sex dolls: Outraged parents react to 'sick' toys aimed at stopping paedophiles committing crimes

The history of sex toys goes back to the ancient era. A human does not have the mating season, but can get sex whenever wanting so. But social regulation in the community interferes us from doing immoral behaviors. It is said that human instinct to manage our sexual drive invented masturbation. Sex toys are often accompanied with such acts.

Now, some people believe that sex dolls have the power to prevent people with pedophilia from committing offenses. They insist that some sex dolls can be used as an alternative to acting out.

It is not surprising that others are opposing. They insist sex dolls can escalate negative desires of people with paraphilia.

Which is correct?

I am not familiar with the treatment of sex offenders. So, I have to hesitate to answer this question. However, the overall impact of this kind of sex toys toward the society will be limited. There are many other stimulation in the world. Pornography, toys, and shops offering sexual services are easily found. And, there is no evidence, as far as I know, about the influence of sex industry on sex crimes.

Some particular persons are cautiously treated. For example, using sex toys for persons with learning disability suffering from aggressive sexual drive may be beneficial, as long as considered the indication deliberately. In contrast, some people with autism can get driven their sexual desires from extraordinary stimulation provided by toys. The response will be various according to the character of each person.

The treatment of sex offender, especially people with pedophilia, is very challenging regardless of the nations. We have to invent something new for improved outcome.

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