Sunday, January 3, 2016

Land swap between Belgium and Netherlands

Recently, I referred an idea of giving land to the neighbor country. It was merely a fantasy. But, there is a real land swap into implementation.

My past entry: Norway gives Halti to Finland?

Belgium and Netherlands agreed on a friendly swap of land. It will be finalized in 2016.

Euronews: New year, new border for Belgium and the Netherlands

The peninsula subjected to the land swap is known as troublesome because illegal drug dealing is popular there. Belgian authorities have to use a boat to enter the peninsula although it is connected to Belgium directly. It has made difficult for Belgium to take control of this place. Therefore, the rearrangement of the border is beneficial for the both countries.

QZ: “It makes sense”—Belgium and the Netherlands engage in a friendly border land swap

The approval of parliaments of the both countries is needed to authorize this deal. It seems feasible considering the collaborative relationship of those states.

Independent: Belgium and Netherlands agree to swap land – almost 200 years after borders were drawn up

Belgium and Netherlands have more complicated issues regarding the border. Baarle-Nassau is a town placed in the mosaic of the both countries. Some negotiations were done previously, but it have failed to resolve this issue.

Border control is a critical issue for countries whose land is connected to others. Nowadays, many nations are concerned about the worry of illegal immigrants. I hope the land changing will be successful.

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