Monday, January 18, 2016

Contaminated cutlets into market in Japan

Recently, a scandal about the illegal delivery of food was reported in Japan.

Coco Ichibanya is a popular franchise of curry restaurant. There are many Coco Ichibanya restaurants in Japan, as well as in Hawaii. You can eat Japanese-style curry there for relatively low cost.

Coco proposes various additional ingredients upon the basic curry, such as cutlets, sausages, eggs, and vegetables. You can choose some of them to enrich the flavor and calories of your dish. Among them, cutlets are popular.

Coco cooks all ingredients as well as the curry sauce in its specialized factories. Each item is packed with the attention to hygiene issue there, to be delivered to each restaurant.

One day, there occurred a possibility that some cutlets were contaminated in the process of cooking. Coco’s manager ordered to dispose of all the packages suspicious to be polluted.

However, the waist trader having committed the disposal seemed not to adhere to the direction. Coco’s cutlets were arranged at a supermarket for sale, instead of being dropped. A worker at Coco noticed that there was something strange, because Coco’s cutlets were never sold other than at the restaurant. After the investigation, it was found that these cutlets had been misconducted to be sent to the supermarket.

The Japan Times: Consumers bought at least 27,000 cutlets that should have been discarded

It is estimated that 60,000 sets of frozen cutlets were sold to consumers.

It looks a silly misconduct caused by some retailers. If they had noticed that those cutlets had to be disposed (highly likely), they betrayed the trust of both Coco and the sellers which bought the cutlets to resell them to consumers.

However, I think that similar acts easily occur. We sometimes see extremely cheap items. Some of them may be products whose origin is unclear. As a consumer, we should be cautious to deal such low-cost items.

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