Thursday, January 7, 2016

North Korea declared successful hydrogen bomb experiment

North Korea declared that it had conducted an experiment of a hydrogen bomb successfully. This report led to enhanced tension about international security.

BBC: North Korea nuclear: State claims first hydrogen bomb test

Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, is so proud of the successful test of the hydrogen bomb, which is a hundred times mightier than an atomic bomb. North Korea stated not to use H-bomb as far as it is not invaded.

CNN: North Korea announces it conducted nuclear test

North Korea’s comment ignited a broad criticism of not only Western countries but also China, not to be surprised. There is no announcement about the test in advance. Concerning nations are eager to confirm the fact regarding North Korea’s declaration. In China, a tremor occurred to create a small chasm on a school ground. Thus, it is sure some tremendous energy was unleashed. However, there is no evidence that nuclear fusion was inflicted in North Korea. No abnormal density of radioactivity was detected around there.

The Guardian: North Korea nuclear H-bomb test claims provoke scepticism and condemnation – as it happened

It is difficult to find the evidence of the experiment of a hydrogen bomb. Lack of the evidence does not suggest that North Korea is telling a lie. However, many experts are skeptical of the commitment of North Korea.

Business Insider: Many experts are already skeptical of North Korea's claims of a successful hydrogen-bomb test

If the test was successful, it is beneficial for Western countries not to believe the success. It is unlikely that North Korea will use the hydrogen bomb shortly even if it has already been prepared. North Korea has to make counterparts believe the success to gain a stronger position in international negotiation.

On the other hand, Western countries, especially the US, is suffering from the lack of tools to handle North Korea. The US has no additional power to beat North Korea down because of the complicated situation in the Middle East. North Korea seems to know the status. The declaration of H-bomb experiment at present has an influence on Western countries so that they have to focus on North Korea again.


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