Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran

The situation in the Middle East remains unstable. An additional tension has occurred between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Saudi Arabia executed 47 people for terrorism offences on January 2nd, 2016. One of the executed was Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who was a high cleric of Shia. He played an important role in the protest against Saudi Arabian government. His statement supporting the demonstration by Shia pupils contributed to the spread of anti-dictatorship. But he was arrested by the government in 2012 for agitating citizens.

Saudi Arabia executes 47 people in one day – including prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr

Iran’s Shia leaders previously warned that execution of al-Nimr would lead to a terrible result for Saudi Arabia. And the caution has been realized, unfortunately.

Saudi Arabian embassy in Iran was attacked by protesters who condemned the execution of al-Nimr. The turmoil was so violent that some people set fire on the embassy.

Even though not supporting this brutal act, Iranian Supreme leader made a provoking comment against Saudi Arabia that it would face divine vengeance.

Independent: Iranian Supreme Leader vows ‘divine vengeance’ on Saudi Arabian politicians after execution of Nimr al-Nimr

The reaction of Saudi Arabia was also aggressive. It broke off ties with Iran. It cancelled all flights between the two nations.

BBC NEWS: Saudi Arabia breaks off ties with Iran after al-Nimr execution

Other countries are to determine which nation they support. The decision is deeply connected to their religious stance. For example, Assad administration in Syria is based on Shia. Saudi Arabia is aiding anti-Establishment group whose members are Sunni.

The Sydney Morning Herald: Saudi Arabia-Iran dispute: where countries stand

This conflict will influence negatively on the oil price. Last year, the oil price was suppressed because oil providing countries failed to be collaborative for stabilizing the price. If Saudi Arabia does not limit the exploitation, the oil will be excessively produced, leading to the further crash of the oil price.

CNBC: Saudi Arabia-Iran conflict will crush oil prices further

I think that Saudi Arabian government has expected this situation before carrying out the execution. But I hardly understand its intention exactly. Their conflict will benefit IS and other rebellious organizations. It will result in severe damage on both Saudi Arabia and Iran, I am afraid.

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