Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Harm of alcohol is discussed again

Any amount of alcohol consumption carries some risk for your health, according to new findings.

International Business Times: There is no 'safe' limit for alcohol consumption, medical chiefs warn

Previously, a small amount of alcohol was believed to bring your health rather than harm, as I mentioned just recently. A British guideline recommended you to limit alcohol consumption to 21 units per week for men. But, the new guideline has lowered the limit to 14 units as same as women. It corresponds to one standard glass of wine per day.

My past entry: The complex harm of alcohol

Alcohol taking raises the risk of cancer, not only in the liver but also other organs. It is a well-known fact. However, there are many other carcinogenic foods. Processed meat was focused as one of the hazardous foods very recently. We cannot be cautious enough to protect our health as far as seeking absolute safety.

My past entry: Sausages cause cancer, probably

Many foods include potentially harmful materials. For example, tuna is loved by many Japanese, including me. Surprisingly, tuna contains the most amount of mercury among foods. You can easily imagine that excessive taking of mercury causes a toxic reaction. But, there are few people concerning this issue.

Since alcohol causes dependency, it should be cautiously treated than other foods. Nonetheless, it is unsure that complete abstinence is desired for your health. Limiting to 14 units per week seems reasonable standard for many people.

Rather, my concern is that many people is leaving from alcohol consumption. Modern society is covered with entertainment other than drinking. Poor people are likely to take alcohol as stress-reliever. It is not only an issue of health science but also the matter of economy and welfare.

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