Friday, January 1, 2016

My goal in 2016: accept and stare

As I mentioned, I set a goal, or a behavioral principle, at the beginning of each year.

2009: Responsible
2010: Deepen, widen, and take care of myself
2011: Carry out
2012: Do well
2013: Take risks
2014: Do immediately and every day
2015: Forecasting 

My past entry: My goal of this year
My past entry: My goal in 2014
My past entry: My goal in 2015: Forecasting

The last year, I attempted to forecast the result every time before moving. It made me a little deliberate.

This year, my goal is "accepting and staring."

Sometimes, the real situation is difficult to accept. A tragic accident occurs all at sudden. In this case, I dare to accept the situation, without blaming anyone or despairing of myself. Instead, I will stare at the reality. Something will happens on me, whether it is welcomed or not. I will taste it.

Life is tough. And it is why life is wonderful.

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