Sunday, January 24, 2016

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, too respecting E4

I saw the Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Urgent tasks had prevented me from enjoying this film until recently.

I need not explain this film as its great popularity. It is the newest episode of Star Wars saga. Great attention is paid to this work all over the world. So, I can imagine the pressure the creators sensed on making this film.

Partially due to the fear of being criticized, I guess, this film included much respectfulness for the first one, “Episode IV - A New Hope,” or the original Star Wars. To say extremely, it is copying the Episode IV.

The heroine is born on a desert planet. In the beginning, an Astro-mech droid received a secret message from a resistance. This secret is a subject both the Empire (First Order) and the resistance are seriously seeking. The droid was captured by a native, but rescued by the heroine. Finding the droid brings the heroine to a bid adventure.

Do you remember the story-line? Yes, it is Star Wars.

The similarity is not limited to the elements described below. In the middle, Empire’s dreadful weapon destroys the stars of opposing nations. To counter the weapon, resistant makes a plan to intrude into the Empire’s base, to attack the weak point which causes the base critical damage. An old man aids the mission with neutralizing the function of the base. At the same time, the heroine is captured in the base by the villain. The hero makes all the efforts to save her.

It is nothing than Deja vu.

It is well known that the story-line of the second series (Episode I-III) resemble the first series (Episode IV-VI). But this episode is almost mirroring the episode IV. It would have been better I had seen a unique story.

The villain, Kylo Ren, looks fragile, as another point of this film. He betrayed Jedi and Luke Skywalker because of the worship to Darth Vader. But, he was wounded by Chewbacca, Finn, and Rey. His mentality is so vulnerable that he cannot stop hitting things around him when irritated.

In Episode VIII, main characters will appear with a fascinating figure, I hope. Totally, I am thankful to be able to see the consecutive episodes of Star Wars, regardless of this quality.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)

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