Thursday, January 14, 2016

Board Game Arena, an excellent online service for board gamers

Recently, I entered Board Game Arena (BGA), which is an online service providing multiplayer board games.

With an internet browser, you can take part in “6 nimmt!”, “Seasons”, and many other board games and card games without cost. Your opponents are human players elsewhere. BGA is available in several countries, so you can play some games with foreigners.

BGA is popular for board game lovers, but I have not tried it so far. In Japan, “Seasons” seems to be famous. I found some Japanese websites instructing the rule of this deckbuilding game.

BGA is international. Some volunteers have translated the rules and component explanation into Japanese, so I will have no stress in playing a newly learned game.

You can choose two options: “Real-time game” and “Turn-based game.” The former is a game style in which all players have to be accompanied together during the whole game. Its playability is like as an offline game. In the latter style, you can input your action in play as you like. You need not keep an eye on the browser. However, you have to wait for other players’ reaction occasionally. This style is suitable for players who are busy, need an extended thinking time, or want to play with others living in a region with a time difference.

I tried a few games, to find it is very fun. As well as playing games, I am willing to participate in translating some materials in games into Japanese, some day.

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