Monday, January 11, 2016

Cheating contract in college students in the UK

It has been revealed that thousands of the UK university students use contract cheating for a better assignment.

There may be many ghost writers who are willing to create an essay for low cost based on the request of students. Online contact made it easy for the students to seek such services. According to the media, India is one of the main countries providing assignment writers.

International Business Times: Essays for sale: Indian contract cheaters help thousands of UK university students to con the system

In my opinion, India is overrepresented as the source of ghost writers. Ghostwriting is not illegal, mentioned in the article as well. India has a large number of people who have good English skills. But there are not many enough domestic jobs to utilize their skills. Then, high-educated Indian people are to engage some kind of English writing jobs, because they can be accomplished on the internet. It is not appropriate to blame Indian ghostwriters. Other countries such as Brazil and Philippine will be listed up in the near future.

In the UK, nearly 50,000 university students have been caught cheating in the last three years. They are urged to get a better mark for higher rewarded job in the future. Since the assignment in the university is directly or indirectly connected to the job rank they will get, they are serious in the college task. As a result, not a few students choose to fabricate their assignment.

By contrast, In Japan, I have not seen any results of a survey about cheating in the university. But I guess fewer students is misconducting. Many Japanese are honest, often obsessive. Some student cheat, but they are not interested in the mark. All that they are concerned is to graduate the college because the content of the assignment has no power to get a better job in Japan.

Above all, assessment of students using home examination such as essays cannot evaluate their skills precisely. Another method of examination is demanded, as I mentioned previously.

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