Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Naritasan and kazoe-doshi

I am in my 42nd year. It is said in Japan that I am 42-year-old in “kazoe-doshi,” the same way that you count the ages of houses in the West.

And, 42nd in kazoe-doshi is called as “yaku-doshi” (unlucky year) in men. It means that you may encounter some troubles especially in your health. Although it is unsure this age is so risky in health science, many Japanese feel somehow nervous about this year.

Therefore, I visited Naritasan, which is a famous Buddhist temple "Shinsho-ji" located in Chiba prefecture, to pray for my luck.

Naritasan was very crowded. It was fortunate that it was not so cold that day.

I listened to the sermon of a Buddhist priest. He said that you should be thankful for everything.

I get made a talisman there in which my name was inscribed. This talisman is considered to be a decoy of me, drawing troubles around me. Many people visit shrine or temple during their yaku-doshi, called “Yaku-otoshi” (dropping misfortune).

After returning home, I placed the talisman in my study. I hope I would never meet any trouble this year. Of course, I do not believe any superstitions. It is my responsibility to deal with matters against me.

By the way, I think kazoe-doshi is rational in counting others’ age. You need not know the exact birthday of the person you want to count the age of whom in this way. Instead, you should know only the year the person was born.

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