Friday, January 15, 2016

DietSensor change your diet style?

DietSensor is going to be released.

When you want to lose weight, calorie calculation is necessary. It is an annoying task because you have to know all component you take. Some restaurants show the ingredient of each menu. But others provide no information about the nutrition the food contains. In such cases, you have to guess how many calories you are going to take.

Fortunately, there are many applications which aid the calorie calculation. However, they demand you to input the contents you take exactly. You sometimes feel difficult in express the figure you take. Is a naan similar to bread, or a donut?

DietSensor enables you to calculate any foods in front of you at a moment. The device equips a molecular sensor which can analyze the ingredient of the food near to the device. The data are sent to a smartphone with Bluetooth technology. You can see the information of the food via your smartphone.

TechCrunch: DietSensor Scans Your Food For Calories Dietsensor claims to tell you what's really in your food

Unfortunately, DietSensor can analyze only the foods whose density is uniform. Beef stew seems not to be suitable.

I am interested in this device. It will cost 250 USD now.

I think that combined use with a webcam will improve the quality of food analyzing. Google image search has good accuracy enough to identify the item. It is not difficult to estimate the name and weight of the food in the photo. Ingredient analysis will make a great synergistic effect with graphical analysis.

In the near future, similar functions will be equipped in a smartphone. And then, you can know the exact information about the food at a glance with looking through the smartphone.

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