Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ebola outbreak terminated

This is good news. The World Health Organization declared the termination of Ebola outbreak.

Now, every area having been concerned are deemed free from Ebola virus, and new patients were not reported.

Ebola virus infection causes a high fever and several dysfunction to patients. It is occasionally spread in the tropical region such as Africa. This outbreak had been continued for two years. The victims reached to over 10,000.

In this outbreak, some experimental medicines were used for treatment. It included ethical issues. It is true that several lives were saved with newly drugs. On the other hand, there are possibly unidentified risks in the implementation of new treatment without deliberate consideration.

We should learn something from this long-lasting outbreak. The border control seemed unsuccessful in this case. Swift delivery of the patients and drugs is another challenge. And the improvement of hygiene environment in Africa and some other regions is also required, because it will lead to the decreased risk of multiplication of any pathogenic micro bacteria. And it will contribute to the global safety.

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