Sunday, August 2, 2015

Windows 10 has come, but not to mine

Microsoft launched Windows 10, the newest operating system, on July 29th.

The system requirement of Windows 10 is the same as Windows 8 and 7. So, you can upgrade your PC whose operating system is Window 7 or 8, as a principle. However, 4 GB or more memory RAM is strongly recommended.

If you have already reserved the free upgrade of Windows 10, your machine will automatically download the necessary files. But it is uncertain when this process will begin, perhaps you are queuing on the list of downloading. You also can manually create an installation media with a USB memory stick or CD-ROM.

Microsoft is warning that manual installation is not for beginners, for it is possible some compatibility issues would occur.

Unfortunately, my note PC (Let's Note AX2) has no adequate free space of storage. So, I have to try it again after uninstalling some important software.

As far as reading media reports, the performance of Windows 10 is not so different from that we expected. The Start Button is revived, and Modern UI is alternated. The boot speed is as fast as Windows 8. Virtual Desktop seems attractive, which has been adopted in Mac OX and Linux.

ITProPortal: Windows 10: Our first impressions

As I wrote previously, Windows 10 symbolizes the cancellation of Windows 8. Its release can cause damage to Microsoft in terms of financial loss, but still essential to prevent more damage in the future. To be honest, I expect Window 10 only to perform as comparable to Windows 7.

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