Tuesday, August 25, 2015

North Korea declared quasi-state of war

While ISIS attracts more public attention recently, the threat of North Korea is still serious.

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, declared "quasi-state of war," soon after its troop shot gunfire to South Korea on Aug 20th, 2015. It demanded the abandonment of anti-Pyongyang propaganda. South Korea responded with a dozen of artillery round across the border.

The Star: North Korea declares ‘quasi-state of war’ after exchange of fire with South Korea

South Korea was not willing to accept the request of North Korea. Park Geun-Hye, President of South Korea, said that propaganda broadcasts at North Korea would continue unless Pyongyang apologises for injuring two soldiers with a land mine attack, which Pyongyang denies.

BT: Propaganda broadcasts to continue unless North Korea apologises for attack

Meanwhile, the negotiators of the both sides resumed the talk on 23rd. North Korea seems provocative with moving more artillery forces to the front line, according to the South Korea. They have not reached an agreement for loosing the tension.

The New York Times: North Korea Moves Forces Amid Talks With South

I think North Korea is not so foolish to begin actual military action against South Korea. If North do so, it is no doubt that the US, a strong ally of South Korea, will respond, causing critical damage to North.

On the other hand, South Korea is also in a challenging position. It is eager to keep a friendly relationship both to China and the US. However, China and the US is competing each other. If South Korea lose the support of the US, it will be in peril in terms of the confrontation against North Korea.

My past entry: US ambassador injured in South Korea

The tension between the two nations will continue for a while. I guess the both sides will not take the risk to resolve the situation.

*Sequel on Aug 25, 2015
The negotiators reached an agreement that North Korea would express a regret for the damage of Korean soldiers and cancel the declaration of quasi-state of war, and South Korea would stop the anti-Pyongyang propaganda.

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