Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Donald Trump aiming at President

Recently, one name is frequently seen in a newspaper. He is Donald Trump, an American billionaire.

Trump was born in 1946 in a wealthy family. After grown up, he worked at his father's company. In the 1980s, he succeeded in managing estates to expand a fortune. He built a gigantic building composed of apartments and shopping malls in Manhattan, naming it "Trump Tower." In the 1990s, he suffered from economic depression, but revived and continued to buy many estates at several places in the US.

Surprisingly, Trump declared to be a candidate for the US president. He has been interested in politics. Actually, he floated the idea of running for president again and again, and gained the second support rate of the Republican Party, following Mitt Romney, in 2011.

Trump is well known for his arrogant attitude and provocative opinions against competitors. Previously, he made a doubt about the birth of Obama and requested a document certifying that he was an American. He seems to fascinate some people while igniting the rage of others.

The Independent: Republican debate: 5 graphs that show just how strongly people feel about Donald Trump

And now, he is approaching to the seat of President. In the latest TV debate show of Republican candidates, he was given the center position. It means he attracts public attention to a considerable extent. In this debate, however, he was relatively less aggressive, being attacked by other candidates, according to the media.

The Atlantic: Who Won the Republican Presidential Debate?

Indeed, Trump's ideology looks inconsistent. Financial Times (FT) wrote his volatile behavior makes it difficult for opponents to make a fruitful debate. FT suggests the scenario that Trump will be a third-party candidate if he is banned from the Republican Party. In this case, split votes of Republican supporters could ease the opposite Democratic Party, ironically.

Financial Times: Donald Trump, presidential hopeful 

As far as reading some media article, I cannot trust Trump as a politician. He looks superficial and thoughtless. At a glance, he resembles Toru Hashimoto, the mayor of Osaka city, in the aggressive taste of speech. The both were successful in the media exposure. Hashimoto lost his reputation due to mentioning taboo matters. Finally, his fundamental policy being declined by a referendum, he decided to quit the role as a politician.

My past entry: Mr. Hashimoto recommend soldiers to use sex industries: true meanings and meaningless

But Hashimoto had a consistent policy to challenge the traditional structure that had been interfering the economic growth. Regardless of his aggressive attitude, I respect him by means of his ideology. By contrast, I do not understand what Trump wants to do with his political power.

Mitt Romney, the previous opponent of Obama, was a little excessively inclined to neo-liberalism. And now, Obama is struggling to persuade Democratic Party for the conclusion of TPP. The current US seems to demand a more balanced leader.

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