Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cooking in London (3) Vegetable

Cooking in London (1) Meats

Cooking in London (2) Fish

It is surprising that there are many differences between the UK and Japan in the quality of vegetable. As a whole impression, vegetables in the UK taste flat.

Better in the UK: mushroom
I like a British brown mushroom. It tastes rich, apparently greater than the Japanese one. There is a variation in the shape. The Bigger one is fit for meat filling, but I like smaller one better. White mushroom is easily available also in Japan. I occasionally saw some other types of mushroom, such as Shitake and Shimeji. But Mushroom was so good that I seldom tried other ones.

Similar: carrot, potato
They taste similar to Japanese ones. In general, strict "use by" is printed in British vegetables. But, I did not obey the suggested deadline at all. Potatoes kept fresh in one or two weeks after the date.

Worse in the UK: cabbage, turnip, cucumber, onion
British cabbage was terrible. It was solid and hard. I could not eat it without stewing for an hour. Therefore, I always used lettuce as an alternative in a stir fry. Turnip was terribly bitter. The cucumber was not bad, but inferior to a Japanese one. It was too big. Round onion is good, but salad onion has only a small part of white area to eat.

I understood why British people are fond of stewing. The vegetables are too solid to be fried properly. I miss Japanese vegetables.

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