Friday, August 14, 2015

Blast in Tianjin injured over 700 people

There is a terrible accident in China. On Aug 13th, 2015, a zone of factories in Tianjin, China, was filled with a dreadful fire blast. It seemed an extensive explosion occurred all at sudden.

The Guardian: Huge blasts in Tianjin kill at least 17 and injure hundreds

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A tall pillar of fire was observed immediately after the blast. The magnitude of this accident was so great that the fire could be caught by a satellite photograph.

Mirror: China explosion: Dramatic satellite images show how enormous blast could be seen from SPACE

According to the official report, at least 50 persons were killed, and more than 700 people were injured due to this accident. However, the China government authority did not give the explanation of the cause of this accident.

Reuters: Huge blasts at Chinese port kill 50, injure more than 700

In China, industrial accidents are not so rare, unfortunately. It is a fate of rapidly developing countries. Also in Japan, several environmental pollution broke out in the late 20th century. However, this explosion seems too big to be understood as a simple event occurred in a chemical factory. There are several possibilities of the cause of this tragedy, far beyond my imagination.

With praying for the victims, I hope this accident will be fully investigated to clarify the exact figure soon.


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