Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics, a standard for clinical medicine

Do you know the Washington Manual? If you are a physician and the answer is no, you need a little more learning about medicine.

The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics is an encyclopedia of clinical medicine. It has over 60 years history, and the newest version is 34th edition composed of 1,168 pages. It was translated into Japanese 13 times. The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics Kindle Edition

The Washington Manual contains many medical condition such as fever, pain, hypertension, and so forth. In each section, definition, etiology, epidemiology, and therapeutic strategy are described in detail with a large amount of clinical evidence. Whenever you wonder how to treat a patient with some symptoms, the answer that is deemed as the standard based on newest evidence will be found in this book.

This manual is not only authorized but also entirely practical. The therapeutic dose of medical drugs is also written. In an emergency room, it will be a reliable ally of you as if a senior physician is beside you.

I bought this book when I was a resident doctor, and read it partially. But more than a decade, I have failed to update my knowledge of internal medicine. In this opportunity, I decided to look through this book again. I will read one section of this book every day.

The newest 34th edition is available also in Japanese, but the Kindle version is offered only in English one, so I chose it. It is too heavy for me to carry this book every time. It is disappointing that only few academic books are available in the Kindle edition in Japan. I think this kind of books is suitable to Kindle.

Furthermore, I hope I could get a revised version for free, as same as some computer software. The Washington Manual is not cheap even with considering its rich contents.

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