Sunday, August 16, 2015

The seven unforgettable experiences in London

My London life is going to end soon. Today, I remember the whole experience in London. There are lots of amazing events. These are the best seven narratives.

7th: Seeing a tennis tournament

I was so fortunate that I could see a legendary match of Nishikori and Federer directly. It was quite impressive. I hope both of them to be the champion.

My past entry: Nishikori challenge Federer in ATP finals

6th: Afternoon tea party

I experienced several afternoon teas in some nice cafes and hotels. It was a precious time. My best cafe is "Cafe Royal." Both tea and meals were good, and not so expensive.

My past entry: Afternoon Tea in London

5th: Seeing musicals and plays

London is a city of theater. I saw some musicals an plays. It was a splendid experience to sit on the box seat. The most impressive title I saw is "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time."

My past entry: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, novel and play (2)

4th: London meal

I noticed London meal was not bad. I visited several restaurant, and the best of best was "Five Field." Cooking on my own is also good.

My past entry: Cooking in London (1) Meats

3rd: Board Game activity

Playing games is one of my hobbies. But I have rare opportunity to play an offline board game in Japan. There are lots of events of board gaming party in London. I bought Archipelago because it fascinated me a lot.

My past entry: Board game club activity in London

2nd: Study of forensic mental health

Of course, the purpose of staying London was to study about forensic mental health. I am not sure I have learned adequately. But, it is certain that I would have failed to learn many things if I had not visited here. I am thankful to the support of the staff of IoPPN.

My past entry: Going to Institute of Psychiatry

1st: The referendum regarding the independence of Scotland

I was surprised to know that  a referendum could change the structure of a nation. And I was lucky to encounter this historic vote, with no direct risk of my daily life. This event made me consider the meaning of being a citizen.

My past entry: Scotland chose not to be independent for a while

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