Friday, August 21, 2015

Choosing a laptop for business

My Let's Note AX2 is getting old to be replaced in the near future. So, I am considering to buy a new laptop.

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Nowadays, there are many laptop PCs available produced by several companies. You may wonder which is the best choice.

I have purchased some laptop PCs since growing up. The first laptop I bought was Let's Note by Panasonic. To be honest, I have scarce experience of using other laptops than Panasonic's products.

Let's Note series have some advantages: they are tough, equipping long-lasting battery, and very light. However, they are expensive. The newest model costs around 200 USD. In addition, the quality of the display is not good so much.

Let's Note is popular in Japan, especially in business person. When I attend an academic conference in Japan, I frequently see people using Let's Note. Panasonic seems not to provide laptops to foreign market. I cannot see Let's Note on the US and UK site.

Apple MacBook is also very popular, both in Japan and other countries. The advantage of Apple's products is their sophisticated design. The newest Macbook equips only one Type-C USB connector as an external interface. Instead, it is quite slim and light.

For Windows users, Mac OS is a little difficult to manage for a while. Compatibility between Mac and Windows machine is also problematic. You can utilize Bootcamp or Parallels Desktop for Mac, a software to enable Windows working on the Mac.

As cheaper ones, products by Acer, ASUS, and other companies are also often chosen. They cost only as half or a third as a flagship machine such as Let's Note or Macbook. You should be cautious that the mortality of this machines is short, because most developers tend to release new software that requires higher spec of a machine one after another. In my opinion, a flagship machine survives two or three years, while a low-cost machine keeps its performance only for one year. Thus, the annual cost is not so different each other.

There are some elements you should consider in choosing a laptop PC. Size and weight are decisive. I choose one with less than 13.3 inches and 1.4 kg as a mobile machine. The display is also important. I think my new machine should have at least full HD definition. The more the battery is strong, the more you can use it outdoor with comfort. Solid State Drive (SSD) is essential.

I am indifferent to the CPU power and the graphic board in choosing a business PC. I use a desktop PC when running a burdening task.

Touch panel is not important if you are mainly engaged in document writing. However, touch panel is perhaps less vulnerable compared to normal display. The monitor is the most fragile part of a laptop.

You have to remember that there is no PC which meet all elements with satisfactory level, unless you compromise the cost. Determining which element can be sacrificed is the core in choosing a laptop.

Now, I am wondering in some candidates. Let's Note, Macbook, or VAIO, otherwise a cheaper laptop will be selected, perhaps.

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