Monday, August 24, 2015

Seven things I want to do after returning to Japan

Many experiences in the UK made me change myself. I realized several important things through the British life. Now I am on the trip to return to Japan. I have decided seven things to do after returning home.

1. Eat tonkotsu ramen
As I was surprised, what I missed the most in the UK was tonkotsu ramen (Chinese noodles with oily soup made from pork bones and several vegetables). I often had a dream of eating tonkotsu ramen. Also in London, there are a few restaurants offering tonkotsu ramen, but they are crowded and costs expensive. I will eat tonkotsu ramen as the first meal after landing Japan.

2. Relearn medical science
I recognized that my knowledge is very limited not only in psychiatry but also general medicine. I have to improve my skills as a physician. Medical science is progressing day after day. I will catch up on my knowledge and skills in medicine.

3. Start regular exercise
In the UK, I caught a cold some times. I had a terrible headache. I feel my stamina is poor. Regular exercise is essential to maintain the physical health, especially when having gotten older. It is so challenging that I have failed to make exercise a habit several times. But I have to try again for my future.

4. Learn Chinese language
Nowadays, many Chinese are seen in all over the world. And Chinese language is commonly used as well as English. I decided to learn Chinese in addition to English. Also, I am fascinated in Taiwan. It is my dream to stay in Taiwan some day.

5. Grow some herbs
I am interested in private gardening. I did not like British vegetables, unfortunately. Someday I want to grow herbs on my own. I have no space to grow big plants in my home. I am considering to grow some small vegetables such as radish or sprout at first.

6. Play Archipelago with peers
I fancied Archipelago, a board game, so much that I purchased it in the UK. I would like to play it also in Japan.

My past entry: Archipelago, an excellent semi-collaborative board game

7. Teach what I have learned to my colleagues
My experience is not mine. They should be shared. I have a duty to tell them to everyone who are want to know them. The more I teach, the more my understanding will be improved.



  1. Go to Ichi-ran or Ippu-do!


    1. Ya, the both are located near to my home. I think Ippu-do has richer taste than Ichi-ran. Hmm, which should I choose?