Sunday, August 30, 2015

London as the most expensive public transport city?

Transportation fare is a troublesome issue in our daily life. It is essential, but all we are willing to cut the cost of moving. Recently, when I saw a movie in the cinema, the transportation fare was more expensive than the cost of movie ticket itself, though the transit time was no more fun.

So, where is the most costly place to move? According to research, it is London.

The Independent: London has the most expensive public transport in the world, claims research

According to the research presented by Tessa Jowell, a politician aiming at the Mayor of London, it costs 5.10 GBP to ride a tube for the longest distance in London. It is at least twice as expensive as those of other major cities such as Paris and New York.

Jowell is concerned about this issue. She intends to introduce a flat Tube fare of 2.3 GBP on weekends.

Since I could not find the report, it is unsure whether the international comparison in transportation cost is precisely conducted. I think there are a couple of elements to be added to consideration of this issue.

First, some Londoners do not use Tube as a dominant transportation. Many buses are available to move in London city, and it costs only 1.5 GBP for a single ride regardless of the distance. I believe it is cheaper than that in Tokyo.

Second, the prices are very high in London. The pound is still strong in recent years. The Foreign exchange should be taken into consideration in the international comparison.

Third, the undesirable situation of public transportation in London is originated from excessive concentration of population and aged infrastructure. Reducing the fare will result in the worsening of the traffic congestion.

In conclusion, the claim of Jowell seems a little arbitrary. It is not easy to assess exactly the status of transportation of a city.

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