Saturday, August 1, 2015

Debris likely to be of the missing Malaysia aircraft was found

You may remember the mysterious case of a missing airplane of MH370 occurred in March 2014,

My past entry: Missing case of Malaysian Flight MH370

The whole figure of this case is still under investigation. Recently, a large object considered to be a part of the airplane was found on Reunion Island.

American investigators have concluded that the debris came from Boeing 777. But, Malaysia Airlines is deliberate to identify that these objects as being composed of the missing aircraft.

The Australian government said that this wreckage, if identified as being from the issued aircraft, could enhance the authenticity of the hypothesis that it fell to the southern Indian Ocean.

Sydney Morning Herald: Debris on Reunion Island likely from MH370, US officials say

There are several hypotheses about this mysterious case. Some of them are out of the question, but others cannot be denied. This finding does not tell us the reason of crashing.

Sydney Morning Herald: MH370: Which conspiracy theories can be ruled in and out?

I think it is unlikely that the aircraft was shut down by the military of a certain nation, as far as reading these articles. The possibility of terrorism is also fanciful. The aircraft might encounter a trouble during mid-flight that crippled electric communication.

Anyway, survival of the passengers is desperate. All I can do is to pray for the victims and to hope the elucidation of what really happened.


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