Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tube strike again to delay night tube in London

Yesterday, Londoners encountered deadly strike again. All lines of the tube had been stopped for a day.

The Telegraph: Tube strike today: Travel updates on Thursday afternoon as union calls for pay to rise with house prices - LIVE

It is only a month ago we experienced a big strike the last time.

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One of the reasons for frequent tube strike is the plan of 24 hours tube as I introduced before. The workers insist that they cannot work for night time shift without raised wage and additional employees.

The Guardian: London night tube plan could be delayed as strike causes disruption

My past entry: 24 hours Tube coming in London

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) demanded a meeting with Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, to negotiate this issue. But Johnson declined to take a seat, blaming RMT as threatening Londoners' daily life.

Confusion in the transportation is not limited to the tube. Uber, a newly launched application for smooth taxi reservation is criticized by black cab drivers. On the other hand, Uber expressed jealousy to the black cab for its privilege.

The Guardian: Tube strike: RMT demands urgent meeting with Boris Johnson – Thursday's updates

London is a crowded city. Also, its infrastructure is somehow old-fashioned. For these reasons, trouble in transportation can easily influence citizens' life indirectly. I was involved in a dreadful traffic jam when taking a bus.

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It is relieving that Londoners are tolerant to the delay of public transportation. Several options are suggested to avoid an irritable congestion.

ITProPortal: What tube strike?! Why your office should be wherever you choose this week

I saw few people looked angry yesterday. They are accustomed to the crippled tube. It is understandable that they are surprised to the precise management of trains in Japan. If I were in Japan, several passengers would make a complaint with a loud voice. I am not sure we should say it is also an advantage of London.

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