Friday, August 7, 2015

The Phantom of the Opera again in London

I believe that persons who have not seen the musical of "The Phantom of the Opera" have loss of a few percent of their life. It is so splendid.

There is unlimited attractiveness in this musical. All songs are beautiful. The story is sweet and tragic. Many scenes are gorgeously decorated.

It is noteworthy that representative themes are repeatedly used in some key scenes. In the last of Act.1, Raoul and Christine sing "All I Ask of You" to confirm their tight bond of love. In contrast, Phantom calls for love to Christine with singing this song in the Act 2. But being rejected, he gets raged and kidnapped her, with the background music of "The Phantom of the Opera."

The last scene is incredible. Phantom to force Christine an ultimate decision, Raoul to abandon his life, and Christine to attempt to persuade Phantom, are singing a different song in harmony. "Angel of Music" by Christine and "Point of No Return" by Phantom is perfectly united. Heavenly beautiful!

My past entry: The thing without "Love Never Dies," with "The Phantom of the Opera"

I have seen this musical many times, and today is the second experience in London.

I visited Her Majesty Theatre some years ago for the first time when I attended an academic conference in London. The show at this time was also splendid. But an incident occurred in the last scene. The rope the Phantom used to hung Raoul was cut all at sudden. Raoul leaned on the grill instead of resisting hanging, looking funny.

Today's casts were all amazing. Phantom was attractive, Christine was extremely cute, and Raoul was bold and reliable.

There were some differences in the direction from that I saw the last time. Phantom frequently mourned, expressing his ingenious madness. He hesitated about cutting Raoul's rope with a candle, and pretend to burn Raoul repeatedly. To be honest, I felt this action was unnecessary.

The music was slightly faster than that I remembered. A chorus of very calm voice was added in the 3rd verse of "The Phantom of the Opera." It made this song mysterious much more.

I was utterly fascinated by this play. Someday, I would like to enjoy this great work again.

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