Monday, August 3, 2015

Mexicans won the World Cosplay Summit 2015

At the end of July, World Cosplay Summit was held in Nagoya. This event is the 13th from the beginning. The competitors came from a total of 24 countries and 2 regions.

The Mexican members got the champion with cosplay of the Legend of Zelda, a popular video game series produced by nintendo.

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Actually, costume play is now worldwide activity. In London, I watched an event of Japanese anime and comic festival. In this event many British and other people who enjoyed cosplay.

It is amazing that many works made in Japan are accepted in foreign countries. It is often argued about the tricky description of persons, especially young women, in Japanese animation and comics. Creators have to be concerned about the cultural discrepancy to let their works spread to all over the world. This trend suggests that anime and comics are no more subculture but one of real cultures as well as music and films.

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I heard Nagoya was struck by heatwave. I hope nobody had got sick on this event. Some kinds of costume are extremely sultry.

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