Saturday, August 22, 2015

Three things annoying me in UK

Staying in the UK was a wonderful experience for me. However, it was of course not perfect. There were a few troubles in my daily life during this year.

Actually, I had to leave the UK temporally for a personal reason. It was a horrible incident. Beside it, I had three issues each of which demanded my patience.

1. Gloomy weather
As you know, most of the days in the UK were cloudy. Occasionally I saw the blue sky, but it is rare it was shiny all the day. The day sky made me depressive.

My past entry: London sky and landscape

2. Dusty house
Many British houses were made long years ago. One of my ex-colleague living in the UK is in a house made a century ago. My flat was not an exception. When decided to live here, I had to clean the rooms entirely. It took a whole day. In addition, the landlords in London are arrogant in general because the land cost is getting increasing. In my case, the estate agent was terrible. It misunderstood me as if I had failed to pay the tenancy and sent me a threatening mail of the legal action. I strongly recommend you not to trust the agent but seek a trustworthy landlord on your foot and eyes.

My past entry: Seeking house in London (1)

3. Troublesome bills
Matter of money is almost annoying. In London, I experienced some troubles about the payment. Officials in the British Council was quite disgusting. Although I was to be exempted from the council tax, they sent me the bill again and again. In spite I repeatedly explained my situation to the council, they were not willing to accept my explanation. An Electricity company also tried to get additional money from me, adding the gas fee to the bill that I had already paid.

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