Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Value of memories

I like to travel.

There are some reasons why people enjoy travelling. Some people are fond of sightseeing. Others say a journey helps them enlightened. Touching another culture is exciting for some.

Memories I think is a reward of traveling.

To be honest, I do not think I can learn many things from a short trip. Understanding a culture may take more time. In addition, there are various ways to know something in another country at home. The utility of traveling might be diminishing.

Nevertheless, it is precious time for me to walk on a ground in a foreign country.

I remember the atmosphere of Swiss, an ancient castle in Germany, and noisy streets in Italy

There are not only beautiful memories around the trips, but also some terrible ones.

In the journey to Italy, I was fixed at Shanghai for a day. Napoli was covered with the annoying smells of Tobacco. On the way of a business trip to Canada, I was suspected somewhat, to be investigated strictly. And it was the most terrible trip for me, because I caught a heavy cold and felt extremely sick during the journey.

 Including such odd experiences, I am fond of traveling.

Memories are quite fragile. A friend of mine recommended me to take lots of photos in which my family would be. He believes that every memory is to be forgotten. I agree with his opinion. However, I dare not take photos of myself or my family. Photos is photos, and memories are memories.

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