Sunday, October 5, 2014

Windows 10 coming, not 9

Microsoft declared that the next Windows is "Windows 10."

7 news denver: Microsoft announces Windows 10, skips 9

The reason why "Window 9" was skipped is not mentioned by Microsoft. One of the persuasive reasons is that it would be misidentified as Windows 9X (Windows 95 or Windows 98) in many programs.

Windows 10 technical preview version is now available. It will be valid till Apr 15, 2015.

Gimme Digital: Microsoft Release Windows 10 ‘Tech Preview’ For Download

Microsoft: Join as we build Windows 10

According to some testers, windows-based apps are dominant in Windows 10, whereas most apps were working only in full-screen mode in Windows 8. We can utilize multi-desktop environment in the new Windows.

So, in my impression, Windows 10 is a fusion of Windows 7 and Mac OS X series, simply regressive. The developers seem to abandon to introduce touch-based OS into the laptop.

Nowadays, there are more tablets than laptops in the community. Nonetheless, the laptop has a great advantage in a work setting. Mechanical keyboard is superior to touch panel or AI dictation in writing. Multiple windows provide us extensive opportunity. I think that tablets and smartphones are limited for use in simple tasks.

In my opinion, what is the most necessary to develop is an innovative interface. The QWERTY keyboard is a legacy of typewriter era. Typing speed is so limited as far as we use it. The touch panel is quite convenient, but it has not overwhelmed keyboard at all. Replace of Operating System cannot overcome this problem. I am looking forward to seeing a device to write at the same speed of thinking.

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