Monday, October 13, 2014

Sales of American comics movies

I like movies dealing with American comics, as I wrote repeatedly. I could not stop buying "X-MEN: days of future past" in the pre-release via iTunes. I wondered if i would buy Blue-ray Discs (BD), since I have brought a blue-ray disc player and a full HD monitor from Japan. Unfortunately, the region code of BD in the UK is different from Japan. So, I chose to buy a BD box after I come back to Japan.

American comics movies had become popular since early 21st century.  The first X-MEN movie was released in 2000. Its impression was great, because several alteration was added in this film to attract adult audiences. Costumes of the X-MEN were no more psychedelic, and the story line was profound. Yet there had been several films of American comics such as series of Superman and Batman, X-MEN was so impressive, a realistic movie.

After that, development of SFX and computer graphics enabled to take the movie of Spider-man, flying between buildings with grabbing a spider web. The era of American comic movies had begun.

By the way, do you know how much these films earned money?

This is the top 5 films of world sales in 2014. All graphs are created referring to the

It is suggested that American comic movies are one of the main contents in cinema industry.

By the way, X-Men series have not been so popular. The newest film is successful, yet other ones not.

This is a total ranking of American comic movies. Amazing Spider-Man series cannot overcome the previous series.

It is obvious that several factors affect the sales of the films. So it is hardly to say that sales represent the quality of each film. Anyway, I am expecting that many more fun films will be released.

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