Sunday, October 26, 2014

The first Tweet of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II had a tweet at the opening ceremony of the science museum in London on Friday, 24 Oct 2014. It is for the first time of her own tweet via the account @BritishMonarchy, with the sign "Elizabeth R". This tweet has been retweeted more than 30,000 times.

CNN: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II joins social media age with 1st tweet

The Telegraph: Watch: Moment Queen sends her first tweet to launch Science Museum

On the video recording the scene of the ceremony, she seemed to touch the panel of an iPad only once. Perhaps, the description of the tweet had been already prepared. Moreover, it is doubtful that her action actually worked for the tweet. The issued tweet may be tweeted via iPhone, not iPad, according to some media. An official replied that such doubt was merely a processology.

Tech Crunch: The Queen’s First Tweet Is A Royal Mystery

I am not sure whether the Queen tweeted by herself. It is probable that someone tweeted synchronized to her action. It is rational for the administrator to avoid any incidents.

Actually, it is not a matter. Important is the fact that the British monarchy took an attitude to respect for social media. It is similar to Pope Benedict XVI two years ago. I do not expect royals frequently tweet. I am glad if such influential persons do not reject new technologies and styles of communication.

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