Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Swansea and Worm's Head (2)

Swansea and Worm's Head (1)

Rossili beach is located in the west end of Great Britain. It is recognized as the most beautiful seashore in this country.

It was cloudy in the day, unfortunately. Actually, it is rare to encounter a sunny day in this area.

I dropped off the bus at the terminal.

This is a board of Rossili beach. There are few facilities around there.

You can see an odd rock like a neck of a dragon. It is "Worm's Head".

There were lots of sheep eating grass everywhere.

At low tide, you can reach the neck of the worm on foot. However, the road will be sunk at full tide.

When I visited there, it was at low tide. So, I had been able to go the the end of the rock. But it was so distant, and the ground was muddy. I abandoned reaching there.

Seashore was so beautiful.

After leaving Rossili, I dropped at Swansea University and a park nearby there.

The buildings were cute. There were lots of students.

It was a healing trip. It would have been the best if more sunny.

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