Thursday, October 23, 2014

Immature Kindle Unlimited has started a new service of book reading in the UK, following the US, named "Kindle Unlimited".

This is a subscription service of which users can access a large amount number of the e-books any time. The monthly fee is 7.99 GBP. For the US citizen, it takes $9.99. Subscribers can also enjoy audiobooks via Audible. A total of 700,000 books are the subject of unlimited reading. Kindle Unlimited Kindle Unlimited

I have kept an eye on this scheme since introduced it. Unfortunately, the reputation seems not so good.

I am a UK citizen so it is available for me now. I checked some books I will buy. Surprisingly, none of them are available with Kindle Unlimited. If academic literature were available in this price, it would be fantastic.

It seems that most publishers have not made a contract with Amazon to offer their books to Unlimited. Therefore, most of the subjects are Kindle original e-books. This tendency is similar to Kindle Owners Library, with which you can borrow an e-book in a month during you are a member of Amazon Prime.

As a result, only the persons who are willing to read more than one e-book in the subjects in a month benefit by Kindle Unlimited. Regarding Audible, there is another subscription service I had used. The subscribers can listen to The new York Times or The Wall Street Journal digest every day, in addition to one audiobook in a month.


Some people predict that Amazon will terminate Kindle Owners Library soon. Amazon may integrate Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited.

In Japan, the lineup of this service is superior compared to the US, because some famous cartoonists offer their products. If begin the Unlimited, I might start subscription in Japan.


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