Friday, October 17, 2014

iPad, Nexus, MS Office, not attract

This week, several news regarding IT and digital gadgets were released. But I was hardly attracted to them.

Apple released the new models of iPad (iPad air 2) and iPad mini (iPad mini 3). The former has the thinnest body in the iPad families. CPU and camera were strengthened. The latter has no apparent changes from the previous model excepting fingerprint identification. I have no plan to buy ones. I like iPad mini retina which I bought several months ago. And my old iPad 2 is still alive, even iOS8 is not applicable to it.

Apple: iPad air 2

Mac World UK: iPad Air 2 release date, specs and UK price: new, thinnest ever iPad Air launches

Google is introducing 6-inch tablet (Nexus 6). It will be a good competitor of iPhone 6 plus. Instead, Nexus 7 series is likely to be extinguished. I am maintaining my Galaxy S III for a while since its spec is enough to use in daily work.

Google: Nexus 6

Techradar: Nexus 6 release date, news and features

Meanwhile, Microsoft Japan released the new Office packages, "Office premium" and "Office 365 solo". The former is a licence for the use of pre-installation. Some PC providers are willing to equip it in their products. The latter is an annual permission of Office bundled with cloud storage and Skype phone call. To be honest, I am not interested in both of them. Furthermore, Microsoft Office has lots of bugs bothering me. I want to abandon it, if possible.

Internet Watch: A new Office released (in Japanese)

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are suffering from so called victor's curse. They have to make an innovation for more development. However, they are bound by legacies such as old customers and resources in the past. It becomes gradually difficult for them to make change, ironically.

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