Sunday, October 19, 2014

Daily diet in London

Today, I visited Noodle City for dinner after a month interval, because I missed to go to Morrison's.

Every menu are bottomless with 5.99 GPB here. I was fully satisfied.

Although I went out for meal every day during first few weeks, I cook on my own now.

My past entry: Cuisine in London

Today's morning, I enjoyed hashed beef with rice.

In usual day, I eat serial with milk in the morning. I bring a bottle of cold tea and a piece of scone. IoP sometimes serves lunch buffet. In dinner, boiled meat with vegetable is dominant. Of course, I cook curry frequently.

Actually, London cuisine is delicious than expected. However, it is quite costly in general. It is difficult for you to save money even in a casual restaurant.

More or less, cooking is an essential for life. Now I feel I am living in London, not merely staying here.


  1. Can you get rice same as the one in Japan? It looks a bit different form Japanese rice...


    1. This rice is exactly Thai rice. Fortunately we can buy Japonica rice in some shops with reasonable price, yet not so delicious than Koshihikari, obviously.