Monday, October 27, 2014

The end of summer time

Yesterday, summer time in this year was terminated.

Summer time is a scheme widely introduced in European countries. In the US, it is called Daylight saving time. In a limited term, the clock is proceeded by one hour, for effective use of daylight time.

In the UK, Summer time is adopted from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October. The switching is applied at 1:00 am. So, I slept one hour more than usual yesterday.

It is surprising that all digital clocks were automatically adjusted. I would have been unconscious to Summer time if my wrist watch had not been a winding watch. I checked some clocks seen in the town. Most of them had been already adjusted precisely.

Summer time can be interpreted as Winter time. I need not wake up early in cold winter. It will be a little cool.

However, there are some criticism about Summer time. It is said that more traffic accidents occur in the day in which Summer time starts, no doubt because sleep time is shortened. I should be cautious.

In Japan, Summer time has not been introduced. Instead, the high school I attended adopts Winter delaying. In the winter term, lectures begin delayed by 10 minutes. I loved it. As you know, 10 minutes in the cold morning is precious.

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  1. >As you know, 10 minutes in the cold morning is precious. ]
    Perfectly I agree with you. :-)