Friday, October 31, 2014

Sequels in October 2014

October 21, 2014
McDonald's falling

McDonald's has an intention to make change of its business, according to the media. But I think it is difficult for McDonald's to do it. Drastic change of McDonald's brand will make the customers confused. Rather, it is less risky to introduce a new industry.

Financial Times: McDonald’s in fundamental change to grow

October 18, 2014
Shadow of Abenomics

Japan stockpile is still sluggish, and Yen is gradually being weakened. Abe administrator is facing to a difficult situation. Opposing Democratic Party of Japan is criticizing the fluctuating government.

Reuters: Japan opposition DPJ: Delaying sales tax hike would mean Abenomics failed

I think the government should re-raise consumption tax as planned. Otherwise, Japanese are deemed to be too weak to make change with any pains by foreign investors.

October 16, 2014
A psychiatrist almost dead

Dr. Kyo seems to be fine, as far as reading his blog. I am so glad.

Kyo clinic director's blog (in Japanese)

October 15, 2014
Virgin Media has come

The internet connection is working in my flat. In my bedroom, the signal is so weak that I have difficulty to utilize my digital gadgets there. Moreover, it is occasionally, disconnected. Overall, the circumstance is not perfect, but acceptable.

October 2, 2014
Ontake volcano eruption

One month has passed since the desperate eruption. A total of 57 people were killed, and six still missing. Such a natural disaster remind us the power of nature. On the other hand, we should be aware to reduce the damage caused by disasters with some solution as much as possible.

Mainichi: Prayers held for Mt. Ontake victims on one-month anniversary of disaster

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