Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ginger crash my IME?

Previously, I introduce Ginger as an excellent solution for English writing.

It was a quite convenient tool for me. Just yesterday, however, it was revealed that it had caused a serious trouble on my PC.

Actually, I had been annoyed by a phenomenon frequently occurring. It was that my Input Method Editor (IME) automatically changed the mode. For example, during writing this blog, I set the IME as Alphabet mode. it unintentionally changes into Japanese (Kana-input) mode, all at sudden. At first, I thought I had pushed a key mistaken to alter the input mode. Then, it occurred whenever, changing a page on a browser, opening a memo pad, and so on. I had to adjust the mode every time, causing me extremely irritated.

This erroneous phenomenon occurred on Chrome. Guessing it was due to Chrome, I changed my browser into Firefox. Firefox was free from this bug; instead it was not suitable for Blogger.

I had tried every solutions I could do. Some articles suggested an alteration adopted in Windows 8.1, which is that its apps success the IME mode used in the previous one. Many people was troubled by this method. This setting is changeable via an option of languages. I tried it, but to in vain.

I changed my IME from ATOK powered by Justsystems to Google IME. No changed.

It was strange that this phenomenon was susceptible. One day, it was fixed with no manipulation of mine. I suspected that Google adapted a patch secretly. After a while, the problem recurred. 

More surprisingly, it occurred when I added some comments on my PDF files. It indicated that this problem was not limited to Chrome. I was confused.

Yesterday, I saw the same phenomenon just after Ginger had directed a typographical error. I got it! I negated Ginger on Chrome. Immediately, the trouble vanished.

It was fearful that the phenomenon recurred after I used Ginger on the web site. I am not sure whether I could overcome the matter completely.

I have to say that Ginger is a useful tool for me. Nonetheless, I should be Ginger free for a while.

This problem recurred continually. I guess that Ginger is involved in this matter, although it is not probable being entirely responsible. Now I am investigating whole the system.


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