Monday, October 6, 2014

Salisbury and Stonehenge (1)

Last weekend, I had a one-day trip to Salisbury and Stonehenge.

Salisbury is the only city in the Wiltshire county. It is famous for the Cathedral, which has the tallest tower in England.

It was a sunny day, at least in the morning.

It took 3 hours from London by bus. Salisbury was an ordinary city at a glance. It looked like a rural area in London.

There looked to be prepared for a festival soon.

I had a lunch in Charter 1227 Restaurant. It has the best reputation in Salisbury in TripAdvisor. I ordered a roasted beef with vegetables. They tasted great.

This is a Sainsbury's in Salisbury.

Near the center of the city, there was a canal in which several swans were swimming.

A gigantic cathedral was there. It looked so solemn, but rather simple compared to Italian ones.

Inside the building, there were few decorations. I felt it was as if I was in a monastery.

However, the stained glasses were quite beautiful.

In the cathedral, an original Magna Carta was exhibited. There are four original documents of Magna Carta remained now, this one keeps the best condition, as I heard. Taking a photo was prohibited, of course.

Magna Carta was written in Latin, so I could not read it. I was surprised that each letter was precisely drawn, as if they were typed.

(To be continued)

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