Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ontake volcano eruption

Mt. Ontake in Nagano prefecture erupted in 27th Sep.

The eruption occurred all at sudden. No alert was reported by the auditors, which made it a tragedy. A total of 48 people were proven to be victimized. Several persons remain unknown of safety. It is the most serious volcano disaster in Japan after the WW II.

Mission Network News: Tragedy on Mount Ontake

Japan is a volcano-rich country. Mt. Fuji, recently named as a World Heritage, is still active. Some people are worried about its eruption will cause severe damage.

There are many ancient records about eruptions. It is said that the eruption of Unzendake in Nagasaki and subsequent corruption of highlands and Tsunami killed about 15,000 people in 1792. Also in 1990, its eruption victimized more than 40 persons, when I was a high school student.

Active volcanos bring us also some prosperity. We enjoy hot springs everywhere. Beautiful mountains attract many travelers.

Nonetheless, Japan is not easy to live in terms of climate environment. I have heard that the UK is rarely attacked by the earthquakes or typhoons. Foreign people living in Japan seem to be scared a lot. I pray for the victims.


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