Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cameron like Imperial measurements?

Some media reported that David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK had said that British schools should teach imperial measurements instead of metric measurements.

The Guardian: David Cameron: schools should teach mainly in imperial measurements

According to the report, Cameron said that he preferred to continue using pounds and ounces in a school setting, replying to a BBC news. This statement was focused mainly in critically.

The Mirror: Cameron wants Imperial measures back - this is why that's ridiculous

I did not watch the programme (to begin with, I have no TV). So, I wonder how serious he was in the interview. He expressed himself as "modern, compassionate Conservative".

BBC: Newsnight puts 'Conservative test' to David Cameron

For Japanese, imperial measurement are not so familiar. We cannot get the image of 4.7 inch iPhone6 at a glance. The display size is one of the rare examples in which imperial measurements are adopted as an orthography in Japan.

Nowadays, the US is a minority of adopting imperial measurements. I feel strange that the US persists it. In an official statement, the US government does not reject each measurement. It means that it is extremely difficult for the US society to change the measurements rapidly.

Whitehouse: Supporting American Choices on Measurement

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