Thursday, May 1, 2014

Karuizawa (2)

Karuizawa (1)

The climate in Karuizawa was apparently cool. I needed to turn on some heaters every night. Fortunately, I did not encounter rainy days.

I could see Magnolia kobus at any place. Cherry blossoms had not opened yet.

The next day, I participated in a nature watching tour. It was also fine day.

We walked around a river. The green was not bright. It has been more beautiful in May or June. Instead, it was relatively easy to find some bird, since the leaves did not cover the sky.

This is an extraordinary warning. How many frogs?

I could watch some Blue-and-White flycatcher. They were extremely blue and beautiful. Unfortunately, my camera was too weak to catch them in zoom.

There is a bird, maybe Robin, in this photo. Can you find it?

After the tour, I went to Wakadori, a famous Yakitori (barbeque chicken) restaurant. Mushiri (burned leg) was very delicious.

Oh, it's not an irony. Eating chicken is different from bird watching.

(To be continued)

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