Saturday, May 10, 2014

Suicidal thought and long lasting world

I watched a Japanese drama movie. In this story, a mother committed suicide immediately after her husband asked her to divorce. She threw herself into a river. Just before this, she sent an email to her child, saying sorry.

I had a feeling of something wrong about it. In general, a person who committed suicide would not worry about his or her surrounding. If they could be concerned for relatives or friends of them, they would not kill themselves. Although there are lots of exceptions of course, I seldom see a suicidal note, especially it has done impulsively.

There are two values, or possibilities regarding the afterlife. It contains not only the afterlife of self I mention, but the world left after that. Some people believe that his or her own life is absolute. In their sense, the world would end when they die. It is extremely subjective, and even egotistical point of view. But I have to accept this idea, because human consciousness is definitely subjective and mortal. This kind of people have thought that suicide is a means to end the world. So, they dare not to consider how will the persons left after them feel and behave. It is very risky for occurring of a suicidal behavior.

On the other hand, people believing that the world will be long lasting after they die cannot commit suicide so easily. Everyone who hesitated to commit suicide say that they stopped suicide concerning about his or her relatives and friends. Human relationship is actually a factor to prevent suicide.

To be honest, suicidal behavior is more complicated than I wrote. Nonetheless, I think that this difference of the world view makes a point. Japan is a suicide rich country, as I wrote. Many Japanese have no their own religious concept. It should be related to the high rate of suicide in Japan.

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