Saturday, May 3, 2014

Trick Art Museum

I went to the Trick Art Museum at Karuizawa.

This kind of attractions is frequently seen in resort spots. I have also visited the Trick Art Museum in Yokohama China Town.

Various trick arts were in there. In the photo, they look more disguising. Taking photos for personal use is allowed in the museum. Some splendid photos taken by visitors were published at the lobby.

Wow! How scary the shark is!!

 This is not a room. The chair, upstairs, and tiny tables were pictures, actually.

Seen at a little different angle, it reveals the real figure.

This picture is not so tricky, but all-stars of legendary arts.

Some of the pictures were copying of an old work. This is one of my favorites, titled "A Pierrot's Love." It is originated from "All is Vanity" painted by Charles Allen Gilbert in 1892. It is a little sorry that the skull is too obviously seen in the picture.

This is also grotesque. There are two women drawn in this picture. One woman conceals her face in the sister's one.

This is a pop picture. An old man tries to capture a big fish in a lake. However, you can rotate the picture to know the result.

Unfortunately, I could not take a photo, I was extremely surprised to see "The Ball not to able to grab." I truly recognized a metal ball on a dish, but my hand went through it. There might be a mirror magic, I guess. Yet it was quite fantastic. I strongly recommend you to experience it on your own.


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